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Prostate Heal

Did you ever wonder how researchers get rats with cancer of the prostate so they can study the effects of prescription drugs? They dose them with cadmium. Why? Because it has a remarkable ability to zero in on the testicles as target organs. Many studies have been done on workers involved in the cadmium industry (cadmium batteries, welders, fabricated metal products, etc.) showing they have up to four times the increased incidence of prostate cancer compared to the average male. Cadmium, an environmental heavy metal that is commonly found in our foods, can be the cause of prostate symptoms. This toxic heavy metal cannot be avoided and once inside the body, damages enzymes and mimics the chemistry of disease.

Recent studies show what appears to be roughly a twenty-year incubation period before it manifests itself. Needless to say, anyone serious about fighting prostate cancer or maintaining a healthy prostate should consider ridding the body of the lifelong accumulation of toxic heavy metals. In one in every six men over 60, prostate damage first appears as “benign prostatic hypertrophy” or BPH. However it is anything but benign — it is the transition step to cancer. Clearly the amount of smoking a person does, plus the amount of cadmium he gets from other sources (especially foods and auto or industrial exhaust) have much to do with who gets there first.

Biotox® is a patented, over-the-counter product that you take at night before bedtime. It effectively removes heavy metals and environmental toxins that have been hiding out (and building up!) in your body since you were born. The active ingredients work while you sleep, so that you wake to better health in the morning. Add Biotox® to your health regimen today, and starting reaping the benefits of extraordinary health.

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