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Why Suppositories Make Sense

There is a growing acknowledgement of the need to provide safer, more cost-

effective treatments that can either reduce the need for pharmaceuticals (ie:

drugs) and/or to reduce their side effects. Currently, there exists ample

research to demonstrate nutrients, herbals and nutraceutical can do just

that, if only they could be absorbed in such a manner as to allow greater therapeutic effect. Rectal suppositories clearly offer a safer and

demonstrably more effective option.

In the U.S. there always has been a perceived patient compliance issue with

the marketing of rectal suppositories. It has been assumed that although the

rest of the world (especially the Japanese and Europeans) are comfortable

with the use of suppositories, Americans would resist such a mode of delivery.

However, in the ten years of selling the products, they have found the adage

“some will and some won’t” to be true. Also, there is the American public’s

predisposition to do or take whatever it takes, if it is effective.

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