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Why Suppositories Make Sense

Rectal suppositories deliver nutrients directly into the bloodstream,

resulting in superior nutrition.

 The rectum is ideal for nutrient absorption because it is not buffered and

has a neutral pH.  Unlike the stomach and intestines, there is no acid or

enzymatic activity that causes degradation of the nutrients.

 The anorectal physiology provides a large surface area for nutrient


 The rectal mucosa is capable of tolerating a much higher level of irritation

than gastric mucosa.

 Suppository formulations are extremely efficient in delivering medications

because they do not occupy much volume.  Therefore, suppositories can

deliver a higher concentration of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and

nutraceuticals when compared to foods or oral supplements required to

maintain health.

 Suppositories eliminate food interactions and competitive absorption

chemistry which occurs with oral supplementation. This further increases

nutrient bio availability and thus, bio activity.

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